C.E.O. Message

Chhattisgarh declared as the ‘HERBAL STATE’ is endowed with a huge basket of medicinal plants. The 44% forest area of this state has a big potential for sustainable harvesting of medicinal plants and promoting rural livelihoods especially in fringe forest areas.The state medicinal plants Board has taken steps to promote not only sustainable harvesting and value addition of medicinal plants but also encouraged the local population to cultivate herbal medicinal plants and market them. The State has initiated several projects with the help of National Medicinal Plants Board, UNDP and several National agencies and experts to develop this sector. Mapping of Medicinal Plants resources, training of traditional village botanists, recognition of traditional healers, development of herbal markets through establishment of local and district herbal mandis are some new initiatives of the SMPB.
am confident that these initiatives will go a long way in strengthening this sector and establishing the state of Chhattisgarh as a premier state in the conservation, development and sustainable harvest of Medicinal and aromatic plants and ensure rural livelihood.


Shri J.A.C.S. Rao
Chief Executive Officer
Chhattisgarh Tribal Local Health Traditions & Medicinal Plants Board