Collection and Trade of Non-Nationalized NWFP

MFP Federation has well distributed network for the collection of superior quality Non-nationalized NWFP.

  • Various NWFP is being conserved and production trends are effectively being monitored through In-situ conservation area established in each forest division. Currently about 1 Lac Hectares has been brought under In-situ conservation.
  • The Federation does not collect the Non nationalized NWFP unless demand for the produce comes in advance of collection season.
  • The industries or agencies can place their indent for particular produce giving the specifications and rate offered before the collection season of the produce.
  • Accordingly the MFP Federation, Raipur gives its consent after negotiation with the party about rate and sale conditions.
  • Then demand for the produce is intimated to concerned district union and primary societies for collection, storage and transshipment of the produce to the purchaser.
  • The purchaser is required to deposit the 20% of the expected sale value in advance.
  • The purchaser takes delivery of the produce after paying the sale value including taxes.
  • After taking the delivery of the produce the purchaser is free to transport the same on transit pass of forest department to the desired destination.