Endemic and Rare Flora of Chhattiagarh State

As per the 3rd conservation assessment and managment plant workshop for southern Indian Medicinal Plants held at Bangalore in January 1997, some edemic, rare, critical endangered and vulnerable floral species in the State of Chhattisgarh have been listed.

Endemic and Rare of Chhattisgarh State

Sr.No. Name of Flora Location/ Remarks
1 Sophora bakeri Restricted to the cooler parts of Jaspur
2 Crotalaria trifoliustrum (Khip) Recorded from Raigarh
3 Uraria prunellaefolia (pitharan) Collection from Baster forests in 1952 and belieced to be extinct.
4 Mucuna imbricata vigna pisosa (Kevatch) Rare species collection from marshes of Bhudeopur (Raigarh)
5 Nogra and Lespideza sps Recorded from Jashpur division
6 Hoya wrighitii Large perennial climber, totally epiphytic, Found in Bailadilla hills
7 Desmodium tortosum ( Sarivan) endemic in the State
8 Erythrina resupimata (Pangra) Getting rare and found only in a few marshy places in the state .