State Medicinal Plant Board

Chhattisgarh Rajya Vanoushadhi Board (State Medicinal Plant Board), came into existence vide Govt. of Chhattisgarh order F-5-12/2002/10-1 dated 20.09.2002. SMPB is a coordinating and facilitating body for herbal related works.

Board endeavours to....

  • Facilitate research and development for medicinal plant sector.
  • Monitor and co ordinate medicinal plant development schemes and projects funded by central and state government, their organizations and other institution.
  • Formulate policy and project for conversation, development and non-destructive harvesting of medicinal plants.
  • Facilitate development of primary processing (cottage and SSI), drug manufacturing, marketing and export of medicinal plants and herbal products.
  • Avail national and international assistance for development of this sector.
  • Document and ensure patenting of trading knowledge.
  • Co-ordinate bio-partnership and IPR issue.
  • Address any other work relating to medicinal plant sector.