Trade of Medicinal plant

The general attitude of secrecy in the transactions of medicinal plant materials poses problems in gathering realistic and dependable data on trade. This is further complicated due to inadequate availability of reliable correlation between the trade names of plant raw drugs in different regions and their botanical sources. A systematic and comprehensive assessment of plant entities in trade, as plant raw drugs, in India is not available. An attempt to arrive at a reasonable enlistment of medicinal plant species in commercial trade in India has been undertaken by FRLHT through a survey of major plant raw drug markets in the country during 1998 to 2002, supplemented by information obtained from various relevant published sources.

Based on these studies involving compilation and assessment of both the primary and secondary sources a total of 930 plant entities This comparison has resulted in enlistment of 341 botanical names (312 species) of medicinal plants of Chhattisgarh, which have been recorded in FRLHT’s commercially traded medicinal plants database. Each of these traded species has been further categorized into high volume trade (≥ 100 tonnes/yr but < 1000 tonnes/yr) and very high volume trade (≥ 1000 tonnes/yr), recorded at the national level. 42 species belong to the category “high volume trade” and 33 species belong to the category “very high volume trade”. These 75 species are amongst the topmost one hundred and odd traded medicinal plants of India. Out of these 75 commercially important medicinal plants 66 have been recorded as wild in Chhattisgarh state. The database incorporates name of the trader, trade name of the plant material and plant part/s traded, with proper linkage with the botanical name of the relevant plant entity.